About MVP

Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Mahavidyalaya Praktani.

The association was formed in 1970s with an aim to unite all the ex-students of the college in a single forum. The Praktani has remained engaged since its inception in the task of bringing all alumni of the college closer to each other and to strengthen the bond of love between them and their alma mater.

Although the registered body of Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Mahavidyalaya Praktani includes around 2000 alumni, the college has thousands of alumni who are not yet brought under the registered platform. The process is on to reach out even to the oldest boys of the college and get them registered in this body. The alumni association continues to build and support the connection between college and its alumni.

The Praktani works incessantly to facilitate close interaction among its members as well as to stay by them when they need help. It extends regular financial assistance to the needy students of the college through various forms of scholarships and prizes. The body also stands by the ex-students in their dire need. It has always been a motto of the body to serve the society in various capacities; in fact, it has a separate fund dedicated to Social Services, through which it helps needy students and patients of the surrounding localities. The Praktani also assists people seeking medical help and it regularly contributes to the Medical Camps organized by the College. Financial help is given to the hostel workers at the time of their retirement.

The alumni of the college meet in alternate years to celebrate the Reunion of friends and families. Apart from that, the registered members of this platform also meet once in a year in an Annual General Meeting where members vote to form an Executive Committee which is committed to the functioning of the alumni body throughout the year through various activities and regular meets.